Legal Rap – Know Your Rights

Yo, listen up, let’s talk about the law
Rule 27 of Legal Metrology Act, understand what’s in store
PDA Agreement and UK Legal Structure
PDA Agreement, UK Legal Structure, it’s all about the law’s feature
Hensley Realty Company and Butler County Area 2 Court
Hensley Realty Company, Butler County Area 2 Court, they handle legal support
Equity Pledge and DTN Management
Equity Pledge Agreement, DTN Management, they’re the legal statement
How to Register a Business and Legal Online Poker
How to Register a Business in Wyoming, Legal Online Poker in Nevada, it’s the law that you invoke
Legal Shield Trademark, protecting your brand
Legal Shield Trademark, with the law, take a stand
So there you have it, legal talk in a rap
From rules to agreements, don’t take a nap
Understand your rights, know what’s in store
With the law on your side, you’ll only soar
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