How to add text and change its style

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Adding text to your postcard will reinforce the message you want to send. On Mailfold is pretty easy, follow these steps.

1. Click on TEXT

On the left side of the Design view, you can find all the tools to create your design. Click on ‘Text’ to add a text box. 




2. Type your message 

As soon as you click on ‘Text’, the text box will appear. Now it’s time to add your message.





3. Click on STYLE 

Now that you have your message, you can style your text as you want. 




You can change the font attributes, size, and color. 





4. Change color and text alignment

You can also change the color of your text, by clicking on the colored rectangle. You can add any color you want. Also, you can change the text alignment. 





5. Change Text spacing

And last, you can change the letter spacing and line spacing of your text. 



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