How to set up delivery timing

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Setting up a delivery timing is a trouble-free activity on Mailfold. Follow these steps to do it.

1. Click on Campaigns

On the dashboard, click on ‘Campaigns’. 





2. Select and edit the Campaign

If you need to edit one of your created campaigns, look for it on the draft menu and then, click on the edit icon. 






On the right side of the screen, click on ‘Basics & Scheduling’.




3. Change/Choose delivery timing

To change the delivery timing, scroll down and look for ‘Delivery timing’. If you are creating a campaign, when you finish filling up your campaign name and return address information, you need to set up the delivery timing. 


Check ‘Deliver ASAP’ if you want your campaign to be sent as soon as it is printed. It will be delivered within 3-5 business days. 




If you want your campaign to be delivered on and specific date, click on ‘Deliver by Specific Date’. There you can select the day and month you want. It will be delivered within two days of the specific date. 





4. Click on NEXT STEP

When you have selected your delivery timing, click on ‘Next Step’ or ‘Save & Exit’.




With these 4 steps, you can set up or change your campaign delivery timing on Mailfold. 

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