How to visualize your subscription or upgrade

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If you wanna visualize your subscription or upgrade your subscription to Mailfold, follow these steps and do it easily.

1. Click on your name 

In the upper right corner click on your name. 





2. Click on SETTINGS

In the shown menu, click on ‘Settings’. 





3. Click on PREMIUM

On the ‘Settings’ view, click on ‘Premium’.





4. Visualize your account plan

If you have Mailfold Premium, you can visualize when your subscription started, the features of your plan, and the days you have left.




If you have a Free account, you can upgrade your plan from here. You just need to fill-up the form with your card details. 





5. Click on UPGRADE

Once you have filled out your card details, just click on ‘Upgrade’. Then you can enjoy all the Premium features, like automation, QR codes, and prospecting. 





With these 5 steps, you can visualize your plan, upgrade and see how many days you have left. 

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