Traditions of marriage in Russia

Russia’s wedding customs are slightly distinct from those in the east. In fact, the majority of couples were married until just in the Zagorskaya Agenciya Svatebnogo Sobraltstva, where a modest cluster of their friends and family joined them. Many of the surrounding customs are distinctive and have a prosperous in meaning, but the ceremony follows a set model that cannot be modified.

Prior to a Russian bridal, the wedding may visit the bride’s parents and request her consent. Devichnik, or devichnik, was a very official and serious festival. Before the princess’s daddy presented her princess to her forthcoming spouse, the kids do face each other and remain passive for a brief period of time. The man next gave a wooden Tikhon bear and a gold or silver band to his girlfriend.

Once the groom was blindfolded and taken by a group of her friends to her parents ‘ home once he had his hand in his bride’s hand. The couple’s friends do” pilfer” his bride that, they said. She would get surrounded by numerous obstructions, including champagne jars, chocolates, and perhaps dollars, hidden in a place or far corner of the house. The man would have to spend his wife a compensation, which was typically Vodka, if he could n’t price her.

Once the newlyweds had united, they would make their vows by standing on a rectangular piece of paper ( rushnik ). The priest may then place wreaths on their mind and give them a cup of red wine, which they each drank three drinks of. Ultimately, the handful was guided through a marriage analogy, which represents their forthcoming union as husband and wife.

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